Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Beauty In All Seasons


Recently someone remarked on a page I belong to on Facebook, saying they didn't like the way the trees look in the fall after their leaves have fallen. Several people said it looked ugly. To me, it is anything but ugly. It is the time of renewal in the forest. I like to think of the trees as sleeping, taking a beauty rest.


Spring brings rain and warmer temperatures. I like to imagine the trees waking up and stretching, maybe yawning a bit, saying, "Aw, spring is here." Their sap is flowing and the trees starting adding some pretty green to our landscape here in upstate NY.


Summer of course, is the ultimate season for most people. Our summers are not so hot and we usually get plenty of rain. This year, we did not, but everything still was green as you can see in my photo. Every season shows a whole other vision of the forest around us. I study each and every tree. They are beautiful to me, in every single season.


Everyone loves the fall colors of the trees in the forest. It is what I look forward to at the end of summer. I know when the trees turn color, that winter is not far behind. Of course, I always liked the winter until we started using wood stoves. My husband hated doing the wood so much, that it made me dread winter. It was not because I hated winter.


Winter is beautiful in the forest! The silence after a snowfall is one of my favorite things. I love listening to the sounds of the forest, the trees creaking a bit, the Chickadees searching for food, the Blue Jays screeching a warning to the others in the forest when a cat or a human crosses the line.........but nothing can top the silence of a fresh snowfall in the forest. If you have never experienced it.........you should!

Copyright © 2012 Kathleen G. Lupole
All Photographs Copyright © 2012  Kathleen G. Lupole


Annie said...

I Love the way everything looks so beautiful after a snowfall! It looks so peaceful, thanks for sharing those photos!

Mary Bennett said...

For looks, I love autumn best. For living, I like that golden time when it's no longer really summer, but not quite autumn yet.

Lisa Buben said...

I love how you have the same shot for all different seasons. Amazing how different each looks too.