Monday, April 09, 2012

Moving The Fence Line

A beautiful spring day!

Recently we had to start working on moving our fence line by the barn. We moved it back a few feet from the driveway. The horses have a pretty big paddock and I don't think it will matter once the grass comes in. For now though, it looks a little different. They usually stick their heads under or over the fence wire to eat the grass on the other side. They are pretty good at avoiding the shock from the hot wire.

The fence line on the paddock is moved now!

The reason for moving the fence line though has nothing to do with the grass. It has to do with the installation of our brand new wind turbine! Yes, it will be going up this summer I hope. It will be behind our barn and the guide wires will be over the barn and in this area where the fence used to be. We do not want our horses messing with it and getting hurt. Or taking the wire down.

I hope this will stop the horses from chewing on the barn. They have been chewing on it pretty regular and this new fence line is far enough away that they shouldn't be able to reach it. This fence is pretty small for three spirited horses. We are fortunate that they don't care to get out of their paddock anymore. Must be as they have aged, they are homebodies me! The area in the photo between the fence and the yard should have grass growing as soon as the weather turns warm. I can't wait to see how it will look!

Hobo sleeping in the sun!

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