Thursday, April 05, 2012

How To Add To Your Food Supply And Not Go Broke

Adding To Your Pantry At The Grocery Store!

As you begin to build up your pantry with a bulk food supply, a good thing to do first is to make a list of the foods you eat. Then figure out how many times a month you prepare each dish. From there you should be able to figure how much you need to last your family a year. Your garden harvest is a big part of your supply, but for many people, it also includes the grocery store. Not everyone can grow and butcher their own livestock. Or grow their own grains, sweeteners, and other supplies. It is almost impossible to do it all yourself.

Don't forget flour for all your baking needs!

Wondering where to start when you visit your local store, and want to purchase bulk foods? I will give you some ideas. Starting with your baking needs, such as flour, salt, sugar and various other items. How much baking do you do? If you are in the beginning stages of building your food supply, start small..........but start somewhere! Whatever kind of flour you use, purchase either a large 25 lb. or 50 lb. bag of it. If that is not available, purchase a few of the smaller sizes. Don't buy only what you will need this week or this month. Buy so you do not have to buy it again for at least three months. The larger unit you purchase, then the less it will cost per pound. So take that into consideration. That is not true in all stores, so try to learn your store's policies.

Olive and vegetable oils are essential in a food supply!

Cooking and olive oils are a good thing to include in your bulk shopping trip. Buy one large container to start with, and see how fast you use it up. Adding more to your pantry is as easy as buying at least one more than you usually use. Do that every time you shop and you should have built a up a nice supply over time. Olive oil can be safely stored unopened for up to 2-3 years according to Red Island Foods who produce olive oil. Once opened, it should be kept from heat, light and air, and it should last fine.

 Large cans of vegetables & tomato sauces!

Large cans of vegetables that you may not have grown but like, can also be bought for long term storage. I know you are probably thinking that you grow all your vegetables. If you have one bad crop one year, these are good to fall back on. Pizza sauces, tomato sauces, spaghetti sauces, cheese sauces, ketchup, salsa, etc. are also sold in these large cans. I make my own sauces from the other tomato products. Many times there will be special deals on these types of products if you purchase a certain number.

Even  mayonnaise and salad dressings are sold in large sizes!

I usually include at least one bulk or large size item, (that I use regularly) on my shopping list almost every time I go the store. That makes it more affordable. With the prices of everything so high now, every little bit you can save is more food for your family. I like to write the date I opened something to help me see how long it lasts us. In my family, there is my husband and myself, and at the moment, my grown son, who will be moving out next month. We are able to store food quite a bit longer, than a family with many members. What about you? Do you have certain items you use a lot of? If you already purchase your food like this, what kind of products do your usually buy?

The store I shop at has all these types of foods and more in stock all the time. MaineSource Food and Party Warehouse located at 1018 Upper Front Street, Binghamton, NY 13905-1204. Their telephone number is: (607) 723-8200. This store also will provide special group buys for groups of people who go into together to buy certain products to get a great deal. I am sure if you requested a special deal for something your group wanted to buy, they would be happy to provide it.

I am writing this post because MaineSource Food and Party Warehouse requested my help in showing their customers how to shop in bulk to save money and time. They do not discuss with me, what I will be writing about or alter my opinions in any way! My loyalty to my readers will always come first.  See my FTC Blogging Disclosure on this blog.

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Paula said...

Kat, if you only would know how much I envy you having such a supply store close to you. Independent how much I try to find such a store, I havent had any luck close to me. I love to buy olive oil and high quaslity flour in bulk. Latter not for baking only but to make my own pasta.

katlupe said...

I guess you will have to come for visit and pick some up while you are here!