Friday, April 27, 2012

My Favorite Color On Departure Fridays

My favorite color is purple!

Today is the day for bloggers to take part in Departure Fridays. That means you write about something that is a departure from what you normally write about. Even though this blog is mainly about modern homesteading, I write about a variety of subjects. It is usually about whatever is on my mind when I start typing. If you look at the last few posts here, they have all been pretty varied. So I thought and thought, trying to figure out what would be a different post for me to write about. 

I sat here a little longer and pretty soon I started typing. One thing I love that I have never written about is, the color purple. When I was younger I loved pink. Then I got older and wanted all black clothes. Don't ask me why. I did though. Now some years back, and to this day, purple is my color. I love it in just about any shade. From light lavender, violet to the deepest purple you can find. 

The color purple is mysterious because it is both a cool color and warm color. Not to be confused with lukewarm though. According to Wikipedia: "In human color psychology, purple is associated with royalty and nobility."  It is also believed to be a sign of creativity, though too much purple, like too much blue, will have the opposite effect and can cause depression and moodiness. I understand that belief, as long ago, I went to see a house that was for sale, and the house was a big ranch modern house, decorated completely in purple. As much as I love purple, it was way too much for me. I mean it had purple walls, floors, ceiling, furniture. Too much of any color!


View my favorite board on Pinterest. It is called Purple Is My Passion! Have you ever seen so many purple things in one place? I even discovered a purple store. What is your favorite color? 

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Sue said...

My favorite color is periwinkle blue, but I also love turquoise, even my blog has turquoise. I like your Purple Pinterest board (followed; it is purperestingly purpiful. Have a nice weekend