Sunday, April 01, 2012

Part Of Your Yard Should Be A Garden

Country land doesn't appeal to everyone!

It is true that homesteading is not for everyone. If it was, then it would probably be hard to find land to live on. It does not mean that the other people are wrong. Just because someone lives in the country, it does not mean that are homesteaders. There are many country homes with absolutely nothing but  lawn surrounding their homes. No garden growing at all. Most important too, you do not need to live in the country to be a homesteader. Yes, you cannot raise livestock in the city, but I don't raise them either living here. You do not need to raise livestock to be a homesteader. No rules, is what I have always told you on this blog.

Our cats and dog thank us for keeping lawn cut short!

Now I am not saying that lawn is a bad thing. Actually it is a good thing. If you have grass and you let it get long, then you will have many insects, fleas, even ticks. If you live in an area of poisonous snakes, you will have them too. Mice too, like to run through thick grass. So it pays to keep what grass you have, cut short. Well, not too short. We do not like the butchered look. We always keep our lawn mowed and neat. Of course, having an electric lawn mower makes it easy for my husband to keep it mowed now. Having chickens or other poultry will keep the insects down in the grass also.

Everyone should grow SOME food!

A garden though, even if you have no intention of being self-sufficient or preparing for bad times, should be on everyone's property. The home grown produce is only touched by you and your family. It can be as organic as you want it. It can be the varieties you and your family love. The home grown strawberry, cucumber, or tomato, picked fresh and eaten from the vine, is a taste you will NEVER get from store bought. Or for that matter, even bought at a farmer's market, it is not like the one picked in your own garden. Try it this year!

Green beans are always plentiful in my garden!

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pelenaka said...

Can't agree more wish more of my neighbors thought so. Would certainly help our country's bottom line.

PJ said...

I love the new look of your blogs Kat! I tried to comment on Solar Baby, but I couldn't remember my "user name" and it wouldn't let me log in, so I gave up. LOL! Anyway they are both great!

God Bless,

Sugar Plums & Lollipops said...

Hi new follower here. I'd love a follow back at
I wish I had land to plant a beautiful garden

katlupe said...

pelenaka, I don't have any close neighbors so I am not sure if they are gardeners or not. But if I was in a city, I'd try somehow to get those neighbors to think about gardening at least. I'd love to have you for a neighbor!

katlupe said...

Sugar Plums, I am on my way to your blog right now. Thank you for being my 340th follower! I have been trying to get an extra follower all week.

The Redhead Riter said...

Scrolling through your posts always makes me feel like I've been on a relaxing drive through the country. I love the way you write.