Friday, April 20, 2012

Forest Walks Are So Good For You


Our little cat, Hobo, is very much attracted to the forest. Just like I am. As she has gotten older, I notice she doesn't wander out beyond our property unless one of us is with her. Has something scared her out there? I don't know. She loves to walk out there with us, though she stops at the state line whether we go beyond it or not. She will wait for us to return to that spot.

I love this old tree!

The forest is a place to go to think. It is a place where you can go and just be in the moment while you explore the paths, the trees and the rocks. My husband always goes for a walk in the forest when he is upset or trying to figure something out. I like to go out there to talk to God, and be in tune with my natural self. That part of me that needs nature and the forest.

Hobo loves rocks too!

The other day, Hobo and I went for a walk along the paths in the forest. I love looking at those old trees. I am so sad to to see the blue paint and orange paint marked on the trees. I think it means they will be logged sometime in the near future. I really get attached to certain trees. I don't know if anyone else does that. When I started doing that, I don't remember.

Smelling another rock!

Sometimes you just need that time away from the computer. Fresh air, sunshine, birds singing, natural smells (which, by the way, I love!), and hearing the breeze in the tree tops. If you have never experienced it, and some people have not, you must make a point of someday, doing so. Spend time camping or hiking in a big forest. It will give you a feeling of independence and peacefulness. It is my time of just living in that moment. Even if I have other things on my mind.

Taking a rest!

After coming in from the forest, I was all ready to get back to work. It helps to get rid of any writer's block or anything that prevents me from being productive. I can understand why people drive to parks and state forest to spend a day. Sometimes it is just something you have to do! What about you? Do you ever spend time in nature by going to a forest nearby? I hope so! 

Copyright © 2012 Kathleen G. Lupole
All Photographs Copyright © 2012  Kathleen G. Lupole


theseventhgeneration said...

Hi Kat! Sorry for such bad news about the trees, but the Notice of Sale just came out on the DEC's website. Click here for a link to the DEC webpage "Timber Sales in State Forests in Region 7" and then click on "Chenango 6" to see a complete copy of the contract (it's a 1.64 MB pdf document, so it might take a while to download if you have dial up). I might send you a private e-mail about this, if that's okay. The contract on the DEC webpage explains what the different colors on all the trees means.

Lisa said...

Love the photos of the cat in the forest. Sorry about the news of the trees.