Sunday, April 29, 2012

Keeping Trees Away From Horses

The path along the front fence line.

The fence line along the front of our paddock used to be right up to the tree line. My husband moved it back since the horses don't really need all that room. Since we have these little trees developing out front, I did not want them chewing on them and ruining them. A couple of them are apple trees and last summer, they had a good crop of apples on them.

This big maple Tree has been stripped of its bark.

There is a big maple tree that has been standing for many years. It gives some shade to the front of the paddock. Our three horses though, have spent much time leaning over the fence to strip this tree of its bark.They love to eat bark. If my husband cuts a new tree down and it lands in their paddock, they race out to it after it falls and start stripping the bark off.

A wide path was needed!

I liked it much better when the fence line was moved back so I could walk along the path in front and go all the way around the paddock on the path. This maple tree I have always loved. I was disappointed when the horses started chewing on it. We moved the fence line back a little bit. Didn't matter. Dark Shadow and Georgie Girl have the long neck of a Thoroughbred and they can reach places you'd never believe.

The bark is only on the front of the tree now!

Over the years, the tree has tried to repair itself. Trees do that, you know. This tree probably could have done a better job but they did stripped it badly. It is still alive and is the first to grow leaves in the spring. I figure one of these years it will die and fall over on its own. I dread that.

This tree is alive and well so far!

Our horses are real healthy, but they say it is something missing in their diet that makes them do this. I think it is boredom. When the sap is running in the tree is when they seem to enjoy the bark the most. I figure it must just taste good.

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