Friday, April 06, 2012

Who's Closet Would You Like To Shop From?

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There is a new mobile and web marketplace in the internet world.  It is called hipswap and it is the new kid in town! I saw the link to it and thought, "well, it won't hurt to take a peek at it." When I saw it, it really caught my eye! It has a modern design with a fresh new look. Kind of artsy looking. I liked it! I think you would too. It sounds like fun and I am ready to sign up. 

This is what I understand about it. Anyone can sell or buy to people near your location. You can list your items for sale. Upload a photo and it will sit there until your item sells. It has a 3.5% transaction fee. That is the only fee they charge. Use Paypal for your payments and you are all set. 

Do you make your own crafts? Perfect for HipSwap! Do you sell vintage posters or other vintage items? Check out HipSwap! Are you a designer and frustrated with selling on your own website? Maybe HipSwap is that extra something you are looking for!

Kyle Richards, of the television show, Real Housewives, is the first celebrity to sign up. Their "Shop My Closet" is a feature where you can shop the closets of famous celebrities. Looks like this could be our next hottest website. What do you think? What celebrity's closet or home would you like to shop at?

Another nifty thing about it is that if you live in LA, they will deliver!

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