Thursday, November 08, 2012

Don"t Let Anyone Laugh At Your Self-Sufficient Lifestyle

Peaceful Forest Homestead In Fall

Prepping has become big business now. We all know why! Our economy is getting worse with each day. If you think preparing is silly because you have seen television shows that make fun of it, then you are silly! Television is a way that the masses of people can be programmed to buy certain products, believe propaganda and basically sit back and do nothing. I am not a person who usually speaks against television on my blogs, because I know so many people love it. I have lived without it for over 13 years now. That is why I think my husband and I have our own opinions, not influenced by what we see on television.

Life Depends On Which Road You Choose!

We are on the computer a lot, and you could say we are influenced by sites we go to, or what others write on the internet. The difference is, that there is more places to research what you read. Then you can find out if what you are reading is true, current, or nonsense. You can decide what your opinion is based on your research. Everyone is entitled to make their own choices in life. One wrong choice can change your life. Of course, when you make the choice, at that time, you have no way of knowing. Later, you know.

Grow A Garden!

Don't let anyone tell you that growing a garden, storing food and supplies and being independent is wrong or silly. We all see those people who laugh at what you do, or when you say that you are homesteading. They have no clue what it means. Otherwise, they wouldn't be laughing at you! You should laugh at them when they are in a pickle, and have nothing to eat, or heat to keep warm. But you won't. You will probably help them, and so you should. In that way, next time, they will have prepared. They will have learned from you.

Ground Beef and Chicken

Not only storms and power outages will cause you to live in emergency mode, but the loss of jobs or the loss of the income source in your household. Cutting back means buying the food your family eats, not what a list of preppers tell you to buy. If you do not eat breads and grains, don't store it. If you are a vegetarian, don't store meat. If you do not eat sugar, do not store it or make a lot of jams, jellies and preserves. Store what you eat. It is a waste of time and money to grow, process (can, dehydrate, freeze, ferment) or buy foods you don't eat or don't think are healthy. Make smart choices and you will be thankful later on!

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