Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Life Is Too Short, Treasure Your Family Now

Our road at night!

Whenever my husband and I go anywhere, we hurry to leave in time to make the drive home before it gets dark. I guess as we got older, our eyes couldn't take the driving at night, especially with other cars' lights hitting our windshield. I used to drive often in the dark when I was younger. Most of the time, I worked second shift, or 3-11, for those who don't know. So driving home in the dark was pretty normal for me. I admit, I am a little more afraid of getting stuck or stranded with a broken down vehicle where we live now. Our roads don't get much traffic at night and the traffic it gets, I am not sure I want to meet!

My husband's brother and father in 2010. Nikita is following them.

Last week we went to visit my father-in-law, who's health is not doing well. He is 93 now and failing badly. We stayed later than we should have because he really didn't want us to leave. We could hear him yelling loudly as we left, "Good-by! Thank you for coming! Thank you for coming!" He said nobody comes to see him anymore. My sister-in-law and her husband had moved to WV last year and he has had a very hard time adjusting to that fact. He cries about it to me almost every time we are there.

My son and my father in 2010.

My own father, who passed away last August, at 93, was in a lot better health than my father-in-law. He was driving and taking care of himself, as well as my niece and her family, who seemed to depend on him for just about everything. I think now, they are learning to be independent. In my family, 93 years old, is really a milestone. I don't think anyone had lived that long on either side of my family. My mom passed away at 78 years old and her mother, my grandmother, at 79.

Hollie Sunshine Lupole Fletcher and her daughter. 1999

It is not just the older people you will lose in your lifetime. My husband lost his daughter, Hollie Sunshine, at the age of 29. His brother too, died in his early thirties. I am fortunate to have my son and my brother and they are both in pretty good health so far. Praying they stay so!  My message today is to spend time with your family members. Don't get mad at them for silly reasons and hold a grudge. Forgive them, while you can, and love them with all your heart. Life is too short!

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