Monday, March 19, 2018

Beginning My Bucket List

The last few days I have started working on my "bucket list" which one of my homesteading friends mentioned to me on Facebook. At first I didn't understand exactly what she meant. I had heard the term before and had a general idea of it but nothing I had ever done before. Normal for me, I started researching how to get started and what it meant. My first list ended up just being my "to do list" which is endless, living the way I do. That is not a "bucket list" though. I had to rewrite it a few times to get it right. It is not things I need to do. It is things I want to do. A big difference. So I thought and thought and tried to imagine if I could do anything I wanted and was not limited due to my lifestyle here, what would I most want to do (before I die is the line of thinking this is based on)? 

As I made the list I started becoming enthusiastic about it. What is something I want to do? Things that I have never done, but had the desire to do? Well, I need to get exercise (I have done that before, but not lately). I bought a recumbent bicycle for exercise last year and I could not wait to use it. I found could not use it due to my knees. I could hardly work the peddles and my knees clicked the whole time. I could not walk afterwards. So I put that aside for now. What other exercise is good for people with bad joints? Swimming! Yes, and one of my favorite sports, but I have not been anywhere to swim in many, many years now. So the first entry on my bucket list is to join my local YMCA for their swimming program. That is very doable for me! I am excited about that. I have already found the information on doing that.

The next item is to make new friends.......friends in person. I have plenty of online friends, but not really many that I see in person. I feel at this age, 65, almost 66, I badly need friends. I used to have a lot of friends and would meet them places and go places with them. Not now. I am changing some things in my life and when I do, I will be able to have friends again. Another thing that excites me! To do so, I am going to start going to my local senior center for the various activities they have. I would also like to be going to the various churches to find one that I feel is right for me. I am particular about this and am not going to one just because someone recommends it. I want to test them myself. Both places are good ways of meeting people and making friends. I also have some Facebook friends who live locally, whom I would love to meet in person.

Now before I met my husband, I was really into NASCAR racing. He didn't like it and even when we had a television, we did not watch the races. I was sad about it at the time, but our relationship was new.........and you know how that goes. Now years later, I wonder why did I give up my interests? He didn't. He still rides his motorcycle and that is not something we share. So back to the track I go! Maybe just to watch on my computer, or listen to the radio broadcast (which I love the best) or maybe seeing an occasional race locally if my knees can take it. As a child, my brother and I grew up going to the races with my parents and are some of my best memories. Loved being wrapped in an army blanket in the bleachers listening to the cars whirl around on the track. Afterwards we always walked around on the track seeing where a car may have hit the wall or whatever, seeing a piece of a car left behind on the track after a wreck. I wrote about my life involving my love of NASCAR, here.

Now this one may seem a bit lame to a lot of people. But I have been living a whole different life than most people and I am timidly testing the waters beyond. I added to my bucket list to go to a movie theater and to a drive-in to see a current movie. I don't care what movie. I want the experience. The last movie I ever saw was at a daytime matinee and it was the Tom Cruise movie, Days of Thunder. That was a long time ago and the theaters have changed and improved since then, I am sure. When my son was growing up, we went to movies all the time. Several times a week, in fact, sometimes Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I really enjoyed those times, seeing a movie when it was just out. I want to do that again. Even if I do it by myself, it won't bother me. When I was single, I remember going to movies or out to restaurants alone and I was comfortable doing so. I enjoyed people watching.

Now this last one is the last thing I have on my bucket list so far. Another thing that most women take for granted. I was planning on letting my hair grow out to my natural color and let the gray come in. Since I have not been to a hair dresser in a very long time, over four years, I believe, my hair has become very long. I want to get it cut and colored again. I decided it looks too plain without the color. So even if I have to pay double, I will. My hair is thick and they always have to use two containers of the color. It is too long for me to handle and care for. So I am saving up my money and will make an appointment soon. After the winter weather is gone and the snow has disappeared. 

That is my bucket list so far. It is just in the beginning stage, but I will be adding to it in the future. What is on your "bucket list?"

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