Thursday, March 29, 2018

Take A Chance

A woman hopes to fall in love,
with someone who loves her too.
He would be so good to her,
and treat her like a queen.
He would show that she matters,
by paying attention to her every word.
Focusing on her, instead of always
being distracted, not listening to her.
He would touch her the most,
by talking to her, teasing her,
not even a physical moment,
just saying what they felt.
Oh life would be so good,
romantic and fun, not just about
sex at all, but love and caring.

Then one day she comes to her senses,
that is not how it is in the real world.
At first love is new, all about us,
soon it starts to take a backseat to
a lot of other things, and the glow is
glimmering, but not as brightly.
it still feels it may be there somewhere,
but the sweet romantic notes and calls,
stop being so much and so many.
He stops remembering the cute little name,
he called you in the beginning.
Now, chooses a television show,
over a night of making love with you.

What happened and where did that time go?
It was special and now it is gone,
to be consumed by the relationship status again.
A new relationship that seemed so special, exciting
in the beginning, goes through the romantic period,
and now is gone. Gone forever and never to be found again.
The reason why so many women leave and look for new,
to get back that glow in the newness stage,
because it never lasts forever does it?
Or can it? Maybe the right man, the right thoughts,
if only it could last, just think how wonderful
your life could be, being with someone who would value you.
Just for you, who would whisper those sweet words
 you long to hear, while showing you his love is true.

Left alone with my hopes and dreams once again,
of a better time or a better man.
Of someone to whisper those terms of endearments,
that make my heart flutter and my mind stand still.
Of spending time with love, fun and joy.
Does that really exist? Or is it just in romantic novels”
Do real people all grown up, not a puppy love teen,
experience this love in their life?
It never gets old or boring or leads to
sadness, heartbreak or unfaithfulness?
The pain of hurt is what makes me afraid,
afraid to totally trust once again.
Afraid to share my secret thoughts,
my whole self with another.
Such an invasion it is when you
discover it is not true.
It is a hurt so deep that it takes forever
to recover from those bloodless wounds.
But recover you do and swear to yourself,
“Never again.” Then you do.
Take that more time!

Copyright © 2018 Kathleen G. Lupole

All Photographs Copyright © 2018 Kathleen G. Lupole

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