Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Organizing Old Photographs

A picture of my first house in 1952 on State Road, Binghamton, NY

As I looked back over my old photographs this morning, I see that my life had many happy times in the past. Of course, why would you take pictures of unhappy times? Well nowadays, people do take pictures even at funerals, though I refuse to do that. I am into the process of organizing my photos. At first I almost bought into the idea of not keeping any of your physical photos. But after several times of losing data in my computer, I have learned that is not a good idea. If something did happen in this world where there was no computers, internet or electric, your photos would never be seen again. I am one of those people who studies my old photos over and over again. I relive those memories looking at my photos or listening to my music.

This was a very small photo, but when I put it in the computer, I could see the details.

I have found though, that if you scan in old photographs, the details in the picture show up closer. You can see those details like knick-knacks on a stand, a picture hanging on the wall, the book titles in a bookcase, etc. It makes them more interesting and you learn more about whoever is in the picture from long ago. Seeing crocheted dollies on the arm chairs in my grandmother's photos makes me smile. I realize now how you missed all those great details in old pictures. I love the details of the background or setting of the picture the day it was taken.

A page of Mom's album she made for me.

One of the things I learned from my mother is something she did for me. She was bedridden so had much time to do a project like this. All her photographs were in one of those old black albums that is not really good for your photos. She made individual photo albums of various people. Her children and siblings or places she and my father had traveled to or lived. Like our trip to California in 1954. Instead of doing what I had done for years, putting them in an album by the order they were taken or dates, she put them in according to who, where or what was in the photos. So I am making some changes in the way I organize them in my albums. Thanks for the idea, Mom!

I eventually brought some of my books out and put on a bookcase.

When I moved here, I could no longer display my photo albums or books in book cases due to the wood stoves. I could not tolerate my stuff being covered with dust. I packed them all away and never looked at any of them. Eventually I brought some books out because I needed them. Then I took all my pictures out of the albums and put them under my bed in a plastic box. At least I could look at them from time to time. Now I am eagerly planning on putting them back into the albums and will have a new location for them that will be very safe from dust.

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