Thursday, March 01, 2018

Hopes And Dreams Canceled

Hopes and Dreams Canceled

Busted dreams, I see at night,

Waking up to tears streaming,

on my pillow and cheeks.

Sadness taking my mind over,

Whatever happened to me,

the person I used to be?

She was lost somewhere

and I don't know how to get her back.

I didn't see her leave,

she didn't say good-by.

One day I looked and could not find her.

I cried that day for her.

She had such hopes and dreams, but

they were canceled.

Canceled by bad choices.

Then forgotten for the time.

Years later looking back,

I cringe to think of what she did

to herself and her dreams.

Like they did not matter.

But matter they did.

Now she looks back and cries.

Cries for her sadness consumes her.

Cries for it being too late for her,

too late to have any dreams,

just hardship and heartbreak,

worry, pain and loneliness

visit her daily. Whether she invites them or not.

Nobody to talk to.

Nobody that cares.

All alone in the universe,

not caring whether she lives or dies.

Nobody would notice.

So she goes through each day,

over and over the same

trivial routine of daily living.

Each day is all the same,

nothing to get excited about,

nothing to smile about,

just her every day boring life.

Hating her life and going through the motions,

but nothing affecting that spot deep inside,

where excitement, hope and dreams dwells,

deep inside each person.

Some never encourage it to come to the surface.

They just push it back inside,

like a lump of clay.

There it stays for the rest of their life.

~ katlupe

Copyright © 2018 Kathleen G. Lupole

Artwork Copyright © 1982 Hazel Dran

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