Thursday, March 31, 2011

First Giveaway From Homesteading On The Internet

This is the first giveaway I have had on my blog. I am not sure what inspired me to do this. Maybe it is the book I am offering for the giveaway. It is different from most books. It looks like a cookbook.............but it is anything but! Maybe it is because the retro look of it reminds of my blogging friend, The Zany Housewife. This book is funny and so is she. Regardless, I am offering it for my first Giveaway!

by James Lileks

This book has 135  reviews on Amazon which surprised me. Even though I found this book interesting and very funny, I figured that it probably hadn't sold a lot or had appealed to the public. I was wrong. It ranks 39,422 in Books in Bestseller Ranks on Amazon, #57 in Books, Cooking, Food & Wine, Gastronomy, History and #9 in Books, Entertainment, Humor, Cooking. 

It is most definitely NOT a cookbook! It contains many color photos from the numerous retro cookbooks of the fifties and sixties. The author has a website as well at The Gallery of Regrettable Food and on Amazon many people had been there but liked owning the book itself. It is a hardcover book with a book jacket on with 192 pages. This book is really nice and in brand new condition.

To win this book, go to the author's site at the link I posted in the above paragraph. Find your favorite Regrettable Food or your most hated one, that possibly you experienced back in the day? Tell me which one it is and why in a comment. That is one entry in The Gallery Of Regrettable Food Giveaway. 

Follow me on Google Friend Connect, if you aren't already and leave a comment telling me that you are now following me. If are, just leave another comment telling me so. That is another entry. 

Follow me on NetworkedBlogs on Facebook. Then let me know in the comments. If you are already following me there, just let me know in the comments. That is another entry. 

If you do not follow me on Twitter, please go and follow me, my user name is katlupe. If you already follow me there, let me know in a comment. This gives you  another entry.

This giveaway will end on April 15th. If you come back to my blog and make quality comments during the month, each one will count as another entry in this giveaway.

I am sorry to have to say that this Giveaway is open to US and Canadian citizens only. I will have my husband pick the entry out of my cookie jar for the winner. Please tell your friends! If this goes over well, I may have more Giveaways. 

Just one more thing, this book was not sent to me for free or did the author pay me do this Giveaway (I wish!). I had this book for myself and have decided instead of selling my books on Bonanza, I am going to host some Giveaways.  Seems like fun! What do you think? 

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