Sunday, March 27, 2011

Trees Surround Us All

I love trees! They surround us. When I look out any window in my house I see trees.So many trees that I cannot count them all . Because we have many, many trees. In fact when we had a tornado we lost over 300 and our property is less than five acres. Those trees were huge and they were pulled up their roots.

The Devastation Of May 2000 Tornado!
Trees provide us with so many things it is hard to believe anyone could not love them. I have always enjoyed trees. From the time I was a small child, we always had trees in our yards. My father always put swings up in the trees for my brother and me. That was usually the first thing he did when we moved anywhere. We had those wonderful swings that he made with a board seat and either a chain or a rope. The kind that go very high.

When I go anywhere, I know where every horse is along my various routes. The same with the trees. Some stand out more than others. Some trees I don't really notice so much until they are knocked or cut down. Then I miss them. Many times we take them for granted.

When I lived in another house in my previous life, I had two maple trees in my yard. I didn't really pay attention to them except to rake the leaves. There was a mountain directly behind that house, heavily wooded. Did I ever pay attention to it back then? Not really. Except to enjoy the privacy that I got from my house not having other houses behind me. I am sorry that I was like that back then. I pay a lot of attention to our trees here. I love each and every one. And feel sorry if one has to be taken down.

The forest around me gives me a feeling of safety and peacefulness. It is quiet except for the birds. It is very still in the winter cushioned by the snow. It is no wonder that the deer and birds are laughing at us all. While we are living in our little boxes of houses, full of noise and scents of the man made world........ they live in splendor, listening to the breeze in the treetops and feeling the sunlight on their natural coats of fur or feathers. Each season is different in the forest. Every day you find a new and unique experience!

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